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Keynote Speaker


Michel Koch

Time Inc. Ltd

Chief Marketing Officer

Michel is a digital and e-commerce pioneer. He started as head of new media at Sony Music Europe in the early 90’s, and has since filled several senior executive positions with international B2C and B2B multichannel companies (including Bertelsmann, Manutan, Quelle, Conrad, Camaïeu, and more recently Marks & Spencers and Maplin Electronics). In 2015, he joined TIME inc. UK to drive new business, growth, M&A and e-commerce initiatives, and as a CMO led a company wide customer marketing transformation program.
Session10 Omnichannel retail trends in the UK for 2017 / The convergence of content and commerce - Growth through self-disruption -

Why Attend Commerce Summit?

Commerce Summit is a global conference for ”Sellers”. Attendees will spend 3 days and 2 nights offsite, discussing about future prospects of eCommerce and current issues beyond industries which is an opportunity you might be missing on your daily basis. This will be a place to extend one’s knowledge and execution know-how for growth of your company and expand strong network within the industry. The compatibility of “conference” and “networking” in its highest quality is the fascination here.

Will Link Directly to Company Success.
Suitable for finding partners who can share and make progress hand in hand to achieve your target. Engage in discussions with the attending partner agencies to grasp their insights, solution methods, and utilization to foster your eye for choosing the right partner. Every year many business and partnerships develop during the summit.

Through various sessions and networking, we saw future guidelines as to what our company's situation should address. Food & Beverage Manufacturer

Establish Firm Business Network
The top executives from Japan and overseas will spend 3 days and 2 nights in a unique offsite environment, allowing them to connect with someone who may become a role of a consultant. Not only through discussions, we will provide opportunities for you to build reliable relationships at networking parties as well. It is a connection, beyond industries, of people facing the same challenges which you might not have had the chance to come across. Horizontal connection between Sellers is another fascinating point here at this summit.

It was great to hear concrete examples for cross-border eCommerce from someone who is actually facing the challenge in the field locally. Apparel

Experience Deep Discussion and Rich Insights
Not being confined with your daily work, lets you have full time to truly concentrate on the challenges you are facing at the moment.
Innovative ideas are brewed in unusual spaces...Through spending 3 days and 2 nights, networking with some of the most outstanding people, innovative collaboration will emerge from such environment.

It was good to hear sessions from both points of views of short-term and medium-to-long term perspective. I got to know what is to be started right away to get results, and what is to be approached with medium-and long-term vision.Electronics

Get the latest Information
The iMedia brand events are being held in 11 cities and 7 countries. This executive program is now in its 20th year providing plenty of advanced high-level conference programs such as Keynote Presentation, Sponsored Presentation, Round Table Discussion, Recreation Programs and more.

There are no other opportunity where you can experience firm networking with all the key person involved in EC. Glad to be able to make beneficial connections.Retail/Distribution

How to Apply

Seller(eCommerce Agencies)
Attendee Fee: Complimentary for qualified Brands
There will be advance screening to qualify for the complimentary invitation.
Attendee Fee: 330,000JPY
Regular application for attendees who are not "Sellers".
We might ask you to let us know why you would like to attend this summit beforehand.
Please contact for details and the latest sponsorship availability.
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Event Summary

Event Name
Commerce Summit 2017
May 30th - June 1st, 2017 (3 days and 2 nights)
Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa
200 ppl only