Day 3

27th, Sep, 2017

※Program is subject to change.


Networking Breakfast

To make this summit efficient, we have also breakfast presentation.




Networking Lunch





One to One Meeting Part 1

One to One meeting for 30 min. Pre-registration is needed to set up a meeting.




One to One Meeting Part 2




One to One Meeting Part 3




One to One Meeting Part 4




Brand Case Study Workshop #2


How does marketing digitization change corporate communication activities? Listen to the efforts of companies and make it an opportunity for participants to think about and realize changes in the structure of the business, changes in the form of organization within the company, changes in knowledge and experience required of staff involved, and so on.

Pre-communication” required for building relationships with customers in the future

In order for a company and a customer to make a good relationship, it is essential to improve the degree of involvement through “pre-communication”. We will introduce the importance of communication that raises the degree of involvement in products and categories, and raises the perceived quality on that basis, along with case examples of our efforts.

How did Higashi Ikebukuro 52 spread?

Higashi Ikebukuro 52″ It was formed by recruiting members from employees including group companies, and announcing debut, it became a hot topic on social media quickly. We will talk about the background of this effort, the spread of social media after the presentation, improvement of internal motivation etc.

Utilization and evaluation of diversifying social media

What companies are challenging to utilize social media is “how to evaluate them” and “how to make the best use of it”. I will talk about the positioning of social media communication and what examples are evaluating as indicators and leading to the next measures.

Career formation of marketer & future key factor of CRM

I will talk about the career formation of the marketer who has been drawing attention recently based on my experiences of changing my job while conscious of my skills. Also, I will talk about “what is currently the key factor of CRM” that has been seen from what he has cultivated among them.

Partnership that changes with digitization

As the role of digital in marketing measures gets bigger, the partnership between marketing staff and internal and external companies has changed. I will talk about such change as a campaign on management candidate’s immediate fight adoption.

A Method of Video Attracting Attention and Propagating ~ Case Study of Bufferin ~

Video adverting is now the hottest communication tool. Once the fire is on, the ripple effect is overwhelming, but in fact it is hard to spread. At this workshop, I will introduce our latest case study, Bufferin, which drew enthusiastic response from the general public from this spring to summer. I will talk about its mechanism and the way we think.


Networking Break

Break is also very useful networking opportunity.


Brand Summit 2017 Wrap Up Discussion Brand Summit 2017 Wrap Up Session

What was your findings at Brand Summit 2017? We will go over what we have been talked about over 3 days. We will also discuss what we should do after this summit. Session Speakers will sum up 3 days summit for you to get better understanding and clarify your task.


Cocktail Reception


Networking Dinner

This is the last chance to network with other attendees at Brand Summit before you go back to your work, so let’s make the most of it.


The end of DAY 3